To express our appreciation and gratitude for client loyalty, we offer a ‘Chocolate Hair & Beauty Treat Card’. 

Treat yourself to FREE services and products as your points add up. You can spend them as you go or save them up. Treats can vary from waxing to styling, with a forever changing selection of services to choose from. 

Our ‘Treat Card’ key fob ensures you will never miss out on any precious points. Just present your registered key fob during checkout.  It is that simple! 

Earn points with every spend on services and products

Receive points when you purchase products from Chocolate Hair & Beauty 

Double points days and promotions will be held throughout the year. A great way to add up points fast! 

Terms & Conditions

Services and products available through the ‘Treat Card’ scheme are subject to change at anytime

Points are to treat yourself and can only be redeemed against service or products which are new to you. 

Points cannot be transferred to any other person or client. 

Points are earned one point per £ spent on treatments and services and two points per £ on retail products. 

Points cannot be redeemed during the month of December

A small charge of £2.00 will be required to replace lost key fobs.