Please be aware that there are several treatments that require an allergy test at least 48 hrs prior to treatment. 

A tiny proportion of people can have an allergic reaction to key ingredients in certain hair and beauty products. Allergies can build up unknowingly over time because our bodies naturally change for various reasons. This is despite having treatments on a regular basis or elsewhere.

Allergy testing ensures your safety and is necessary for us to comply with the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and our strict salon insurance policies.

Allergy tests are required for all hair colouring services and eye treatments for new clients and for existing clients that have not attended an appointment for over 6 months or where there has been a change in personal/ medical circumstances. 

You do not need to book an appointment for a allergy test you can just pop in at any time during our opening hours

If you see any signs of redness or your skin becomes itchy or sore, you must let us know.


Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic a number of allergic reactions have been reported to colour and tinting services. We have been advised by our product manufacturers and insurers that clients who have hair colouring services and eye treatments, who have received a COVID 19 vaccine or has previously contracted COVID 19 are recommended to have sensitivity tests before any further colour or tinting services. It is advised that clients should wait 10-14 days before having an allergy test or attending an appointment for services which may have allergy implications. This is in addition to any test that has been performed for our reopening. 


If you have serious health or allergy conditions that could contra-indicate you from treatments, please notify us at the point of booking to ensure that we are aware before you arrive so that we can work with you accordingly.

Medicated Health Conditions may prevent you from have certain treatments. If you have any medically supervised or medicated condition, please inform us at the point of booking.

If you are pregnant, there is some services we are unable to perform and products we cannot use, please inform us at the point of booking.

If breastfeeding, some treatments may be restricted. Please advise us at the point of booking.